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An Innovation to provide for better root canal treatment by Dr.S.Delphine Priscilla Antony led to the evolution of Single system of adult Rotary files. ProFit S3 is an exclusive system with better cutting efficacy and flexibility. It has Rectangular Cross-section which has a two point contact making it less likely to bind in the root canal. Being a heat treated file system with Titanium oxide coating gives it higher resistance to fracture. Kedo Dental is the manufacturer and distributor of ProFit S3

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Nickel-titanium rotary files are patented files exclusively used for root canal preparation of permanent dentition.

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New Innovation

Profit S3 files have a variably variable (VV) taper design with a rectangular cross section.

High Resistance

This cross section has a two point contact there by reducing apical extrusion of debris and reducing the tendency of the file to fracture

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